Our Instincts Are Made For A Time That Doesn’t Exist Anymore…

Ahhh, the good old days!

Why is it so “difficult” being a human being? And was it always so?

Our problem today is that, as human beings, we’re adapted to a time that ended a long time ago.

We’re adapted for short bursts of stress (during hunting or running from dangerous animals), of trying to get as much instant gratification as possible (because, well, you’re likely to die soon), and of conserving energy and putting the minimum effort into work that is possible.

Nowadays, we have constant stress (which messes up our health), Facebook and instant messaging takes advantage of how our brain pays attention to what’s new (because before times were boring, “new” things happened rarely so it was worth giving a lot of attention), and we need to save and work long term for the future (eat that bag of chips and watch TV, or learn a new skill)?

So the first step towards finding a good solution is recognizing that we, as human beings, are not well adapted to the environment now, and we should use our brains to make sure we work as well as possible within the many obstacles and distractions we find ourselves in nowadays.

How do we do that?

That’s the subject of almost every other post I’ve written. So read it.

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